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This was one of my favorite episodes to record in the last year. I’ve often struggled with work-life balance and am no stranger to trying things that haven’t worked. This week we bring you a refreshing interview with my friend Victor Delacruz about the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life.

Victor Delacruz is the founder and owner of Victor shares his journey as an ecommerce entrepreneur - from youth pastor to Air Force Captain to Jazz Piano student at NYU to the business owner he is now.

Victor talks about the benefits of having a solid daily routine for optimizing your personal and professional life, and the importance for finding what works best for you. He shares the challenges he has faced within his personal and professional life, and the game-changer tactic he used for growing his email list, gathering customer testimonials, and getting tons of user-generated content that was repurposed for social ads and a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Episode Highlights:

  • 5:28 The path to success sometimes starts with a journey towards failure.   

  • 13:04 How Victor came to the decision to start again after his many setbacks.

  • 13:26 Step 1: Doing the research and understanding the audience size and opportunity in front of him.

  • 14:30 Why the key to a great ecommerce site starts with a simple name.

  • 16:00 How a single open ended question in the first email of Christian Planner’s email sequence lead to hundreds of responses and the growth of the brand.

  • 17:40 This is how Christian Planner gathered user generated content to create a video that helped them raise money, gain followers, increase email subscribers and new product ideas.

  • 28:18 The one thing that Victor learned in the military that has helped him grow in his business.

  • 32:00 Exploring neurofeedback, floating and other methods to get a mental edge in a distracting online world.

  • 38:15 The daily routine that helps Victor stay on track and the “have-to-dos” that he uses to measures his growth & success

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