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Are you ready to scale your business and ship internationally, but feel intimidated by the complexities involved? Are you currently shipping abroad, but struggling with all of the different contracts, customs, and taxes? If so, we’ve got a fantastic episode for you today.

Shipping outside of the United States can be a huge component of scaling your business, but there are many challenges related to finding the best courier in every country, understanding different regulations, and having proper documentation. EasyShip is a shipping platform that takes care of all of these issues and helps ecommerce businesses ship all over the world.

Tommaso Tamburnotti, co-founder of EasyShip, joins us this week to talk about international shipping for ecommerce. We discuss the process of moving from domestic to international shipping, common inventory issues, and how to stop leaving money on the table by not taking advantage of the international market.

Episode Highlights:  

  • 7:21 Understanding how Easy Ship came to be and how they’ve helped many ecommerce brands go international.
  • 14:21 How to identify international markets and scale your business.
  • 19:25 Why the language barrier shouldn’t keep you from testing international sales.
  • 21:53 The international markets you should be considering.
  • 23:15 The 5 main steps you need to take to start shipping internationally and how Easy Ship simplifies the process.
  • 30:53 How to overcome the customer service nightmare of getting a product stuck in customs.
  • 33:53 Why there is currently a huge opportunity for US brands to start selling internationally.
  • 32:23 The two main problems that Tommaso sees with US brands when they sell internationally. 

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