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Are you an ecommerce business owner using Shopify? Then this episode is a must-listen.

Kurt Elster is a master at helping Shopify businesses uncover hidden profits from their stores and increase their conversion rates. The Ethercycle founder joins us today to share his expert tips on where to look for profits you may be missing out on, the design mistakes people consistently make, and the #1 thing that will give you the biggest competitive advantage over Amazon. Plus, he talks about the test you should do today to see how your customers are really engaging with your site. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights:

  • 7:26 The 30,000-foot-view-quick win when it comes to optimizing your Shopify site.
  • 9:48 The things top brands are getting right with website optimization.
  • 12:37 The maximum number of apps your Shopify site should be running and why they maybe slowing you down, even if you've uninstalled them.
  • 14:13 How simply improving your website's messaging can increase your conversions overnight.
  • 15:01 Don't over complicate the landing page and why a "quickie" product page could end up being your best landing page
  • 18:15 The things you can do to make your cart and checkout page more seamless and more user friendly.
  • 19:46 Why if you're not using "order notes" for something meaningful you should have them turned off
  • 25:45 The post checkout optimizations you should be making to increase your AOV.
  • 29:46 The two misconceptions Kurt regularly sees when it comes to CRO.

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