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Today’s guest has a really cool business. He creates beautiful custom designed maps of National Parks, Mountain Ranges and Hydrology of states. And if you’ve ever been in an REI, you’ve probably seen his work featured in all their stores.

In today’s conversation, we were able to catch up with Jared Prince and learn how his business has changed over the last year.

We brought him on to talk about the sustainable growth he’s built into his business and how he has done it. He shares feedback from 6 months after attending both Intensives Andrew and I hosted in February. He shares what’s been going well, and how he thinks about growing his business after 5 years.


Episode Highlights

  • 9:40 What happens when the PR "buzz" wears off and how to turn it around.
  • 13:33 How building an email list and properly segmenting that list has helped grow business for Muir Way.
  • 14:42 The one thing Jared says Facebook and Instagram ads are great at generating for business.
  • 16:10 Launching a new product? Here's how Muir Way just made a big splash with their new release.
  • 18:22 How Jared's role has changed within Muir Way as the business continues to grow.
  • 20:28 How offering a chance to win the "right" prize for subscribing to an email list has improved Muir Way's subscriber quality vs just a discount on purchase for signing up.  
  • 23:51 The two ecomm remarking strategies Muir Way has not implemented and why they were not a fit for the brand.
  • 25:56 How A/B testing of one small copy change led to a 5x difference in ad performance.
  • 28:02 The one thing ecommerce brands should be talking more about when scaling their businesses.

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