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One of the most common questions Andrew gets from his clients is: how do I optimize my Facebook ad account?

Today he talks about RCAB-P, his five-step process for optimizing and improving Facebook ads. We'll cover the number one thing you need to do before you start optimizing, and walk through each of the five steps in detail to help you successfully optimize your ad account.


Episode Highlights

  • 3:41 The first thing you need to do before you start optimizing your Facebook ad account. 
  • 5:13 How much you should be spending before you start thinking about optimization.
  • 6:10 Step one in the optimization process: Reporting Metrics.
  • 7:23 The fundamental questions you want to answer with your metrics report.
  • 9:01 Understanding secondary metrics, and a common metric that Andrew doesn't recommend tracking.
  • 11:01 Step two: Optimizing Creative (your most important lever for optimization).
  • 11:33 The new creative ad feature Facebook just rolled out.
  • 12:57 Creative optimization: using different creative at different points in your funnel.
  • 16:23 Step three: Audience Optimization.
  • 17:02 First Time Impression ratio - what it is and why it's important.
  • 18:57 Dynamic vs static custom audiences and how to optimize each of them.
  • 21:31 Step four: Bidding Optimizations
  • 23:50 Using manual bid overrides during Black Friday. 
  • 24:53 Step five: Placement - the huge optimization many people are not taking advantage of.
  • 27:46 What to do if you get through the five step optimization process and you're still not getting results. 
  • 28:18 Another new Facebook feature to try: campaign budget optimizations.

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