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If Someone Looked Under The Hood Of Your Business, What Would They Find?

If you hired someone new today, would they be able to easily access the information they need to get the job done? Or would they be sifting through a clutter of files, or, worse yet, is everything they need to know stored only inside your brain?

Our guest today is Tiago Forte, founder of Forte Labs, a company that specializes in productivity. Tiago talks about the importance of building and maintaining a solid knowledge management system for your business, otherwise known as a “second brain.” Having a second brain not only makes it easier to onboard new employees as your business scales, but it can also help increase your overall organization and productivity.

Andrew and I learned a ton from this episode and we hope you enjoy it!

Episode Highlights

  • 5:11 The goal of Forte Labs: Finding transformational paradigm shifts in productivity.
  • 7:10 The impact of an international upbringing on Tiago's work and mindset.
  • 9:17 Tiago's big realization about the best way to help people.
  • 10:54 Defining "design thinking" and why it's fundamental to entrepreneurship
  • 13:47 The difference between productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • 15:53 Being organized as a state of being and the method Tiago created to help people get organized.
  • 19:32 The benefit of micro projects.
  • 23:02 How micro projects help you elevate your perspective.
  • 26:48 The importance of having a knowledge management system as your business scales.
  • 29:37 Building your knowledge management system, i.e., your second brain.
  • 35:33 How to increase your productivity without working faster or working more efficiently.
  • 37:38 Linking your communication apps and your productivity apps.
  • 41:27 One easy thing you can implement right now that will increase your productivity. 

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