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In 2018, I radically changed my approach to setting goals and running my business. As we enter a New Year, I wanted to put together an episode focused on how to set goals that will leave you more fulfilled.

Instead of setting massive goals, I ask myself simple questions and make strategic changes to my business and life based on my answers. Those strategic changes led to more profit, less stress, and more personal freedom.

In this episode, both Andrew and I share a glimpse into our businesses and our personal plans for 2019.  We also offer you some straightforward questions you can use to help you set more fulfilling goals in 2019. This episode will give you a head start for 2019. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights:

  • 2:09 How Austin is approaching 2019.
  • 4:16 The reason Austin wants to discuss goal setting and the impact it made last year.
  • 5:24 2 questions Austin is asking himself right now.
  • 8:05 Andrew shares a crazy story about a client who sold his business accidentally.
  • 10:14 Other questions Austin is asking himself for 2019.
  • 12:05 Andrew's most important framework for this year.
  • 12:23 Distinction between growth in the business vs growth in your profit.
  • 13:02 The focus Austin has on working forever.
  • 14:18 Andrew's framework that he wants to do this year.
  • 15:48 What going all-in would mean and examples of it.
  • 17:50 How to go about building a portfolio business.
  • 20:48 How the cash-flow grow strategy work.
  • 23:05 Main focus of a cash flow grow strategy.
  • 23:41 Why Austin used cash flow grow strategy from the previous year.
  • 26:53 Things Austin had seen over the last year that made a big impact on businesses.
  • 28:48 Tips on a better lifestyle free from stress this 2019.

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