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One of the most exciting (and frustrating) parts of being a marketer today is that platforms are constantly evolving and our strategies have to evolve with them.

Today we’re joined by Susan Wenograd, Account Group Director at Aimclear, who brings her insights on the changes that are coming in 2019 and how ecommerce business owners and marketers need to start thinking differently about their paid social strategies.

Susan talks about how paid media is moving from a direct response channel to an integrated one, the impact this has as content and budgets are split into increasingly smaller parts, what to do when you start seeing a decreasing ROAS on Facebook, and the role brand awareness plays in all of this.

If you’re investing in paid media, you will not want to miss this episode. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights:

  • 8:50 How the marketing landscape changed in 2018, especially with paid social, and what ecommerce business owners and marketers need to be aware of moving into 2019.
  • 11:34 As paid media becomes more of an integrated channel rather than direct ROAS, you’re going to have to think differently about your messaging.
  • 12:55 The consequences creating snack-sized content has on your messaging and your ad spend.
  • 15:58 What sets great agencies and practitioners apart, and what to look for if you’re hiring.
  • 17:54 Multi-touch attribution: what it is and how to start measuring it.
  • 21:58 Common multi-touch models and their upsides and downsides.
  • 24:17 The cross-channel trick to increase the click-through-rate of Facebook ads.
  • 26:04 How to adjust your cross-channel SEM tactics depending on your budget.
  • 28:08 Why it’s important to integrate a brand awareness strategy into your funnel and where to do it.
  • 34:24 The types of interactions Susan sees on ads with general brand messaging vs. on ads that are pushing a sale.
  • 36:07 Susan’s tips for managing your marketing spend this year, and your expectations.
  • 40:51 Where content marketing fits for ecommerce businesses.

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