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We know how frustrating it is when your business isn’t growing at the rate you think it should.

Andrew and I have gone under the hood of dozens of different companies over the years and now when a company approaches us, it’s easy to spot the ones that will be able to scale up, and the ones that will struggle.

Today, we share seven reasons your business might not be scaling and what you can do to fix it. We’ll talk about market size, margins, LTV, and product diversification, and how all of these things impact your ability to scale. This episode will help you identify potential issues and give you solutions for the most common reasons why your business may not be scaling.


Episode Highlights:

  • 4:32 Reason #1 that your business might not be scaling: Your market is too small or too cheap.
  • 6:25 What to do if your market is too cheap.
  • 7:50 One solution for scaling up if your market is too small.
  • 8:43 Reason #2 that your business isn’t scaling: Your contribution margin isn’t large enough.
  • 10:29 How to solve your contribution margin issue..
  • 11:26 Reason #3: Your AOV or LTV is too low to advertise profitably.
  • 13:13 The workaround for increasing LTV if you have a low AOV.
  • 15:02 Reason #4: You don't have any repeat customers.
  • 16:08 How to build a product system that will get you repeat customers.
  • 18:21 Reason #5: You don't have complementary products.
  • 20:20 Reason #6 why you might not be scaling: You're too cheap to hire quality people.
  • 22:25 Reason #7: You have a product that you sell, not a business.
  • 23:48 If you’re just selling a product, here’s what you need to do to build a business.
  • 25:39 You don’t always have to scale to be successful.

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