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When you talk about scaling up in ecommerce, Facebook ads are often the first thing on most business owners’ lists.

Today Andrew shares the exact steps he followed to help a client scale from $500/day to $15,000/day in ad spend in 30 days. He talks about what you need to do before you start scaling and the steps to follow as you grow.

If you’re ready to dive deep into the weeds of your Facebook ad account, build new audiences, test new placements, and explore bidding options, this episode is for you.


Episode Highlights:

  • 3:22 Words of caution when you hear someone say there’s only one way to do something.
  • 9:20 How to establish your baseline before you start scaling up your Facebook ads.
  • 11:31 Preparing to address the creative gap as you scale.
  • 13:32 What’s worked for Andrew when it comes to images on Facebook and Instagram.
  • 15:50 Building your arsenal of audiences: what to test as your ads scale.
  • 17:45 Andrew's thoughts on how Facebook creates value-based lookalike audiences and potential audience overlap.
  • 20:42 The definition of horizontal scaling.
  • 21:05 The importance of testing different audiences to find the one that works best.
  • 23:55 How to set up an interest CBO with help from Google Analytics.
  • 25:25 Setting up your remarketing audiences as you scale.
  • 28:09 The most valuable thing that worked for Andrew’s client: top of the funnel Instagram stories.
  • 30:15 Andrew's process for setting up your Facebook and Instagram placements.
  • 32:00 How to bid effectively as you scale.
  • 35:10 How to approach ad account monitoring so you don’t kill your own progress.
  • 36:43 Campaigns with CBO vs. other campaigns: when to use it and when you might not want to.
  • 30:07 Austin shares his experience in running a campaign CBO as an experiment.

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