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If you’ve been on Facebook in the past week, you’ve probably seen an ad from Buffy.

What started as an idea to disrupt the bedding industry has grown into a multi-million dollar business.

Today Buffy co-founder Shoaib Kabani joins us to cover a range of topics.

We talk about everything from product development, to the importance of testing, how landing pages can improve your funnel, and what performance KPIs you have to be thinking about as you scale. , how he thinks about scaling up their business, what's worked for them.

Whether you’re a business owner or an ecommerce marketer, you’re going to get a lot out of this episode.


Episode Highlights: 

  • 4:49 How a desire to change the bedding industry led to the creation of Buffy.
  • 6:21 The training Shoaib got from his start in consulting that’s helped him as an entrepreneur.
  • 7:35 Developing the initial idea and concept for Buffy: providing value and values.
  • 9:31 The process of validating the concept online, on social, and in person before going all in.
  • 12:48 How do I make this a no brainer for the consumer?
  • 14:16 What’s worked for Buffy from a creative perspective and changes they’ve made as they’ve scaled.
  • 18:40 Some of the unintended consequences of having a free trial offer.
  • 19:56 Unique KPIs Shoaib looks at on a daily basis.
  • 22:00 A funnel analysis tool that’s been a game changer as Buffy’s scaled up.
  • 23:10 The materials and brand values that make Buffy stand out in the bedding industry.
  • 25:05 How Buffy uses landing pages to enhance its sales funnel.
  • 28:09 Addressing customer lifetime value when you have a limited number of products.
  • 32:08 Shoaib’s approach to launching into new ad channels, specifically with affiliates and podcasts.
  • 37:14 How the Buffy founders set their budget for testing new channels and concepts.
  • 39:10 What you, the ecommerce business owner, need to be thinking about to be successful.
  • 41:25 Exciting insight into what’s next for Buffy.

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