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Some Ecommerce Brands Make It Big While Others Stall Out, It’s A Fact.

But there’s really no big mystery behind why this happens.

A few months ago I was interviewed on a podcast by my good friend Brett Curry on the Ecommerce Evolution Podcast. We break down what separates e-commerce brands that scale up versus those that plateau.

After re-listening to the episode, I decided to share it with you. Brett and I talk about a variety of things, including average order value and lifetime value, and how that directly impacts your ability to scale up. We talk about demand generation versus demand capture: which is “better” and which lends itself to being able to scale. We talk about the roadmap to building a team and scaling up your business, how your role as a CEO changes as you grow, and much, much more.

I had a great time chatting with Brett, and I hope you enjoy!

Episode Highlights

  • 8:25 Why I’m so passionate about dissecting why some brands scale and others don’t.
  • 9:56 The KPIs that separate the businesses that can scale from those that can’t.
  • 11:18 Demand capture vs. demand generation and which one will allow you to scale.
  • 14:51 Factors I look for when evaluating a product’s potential for growth.
  • 16:53 How a passionate market can contribute to success.
  • 21:03 Why having competitors in your market is a good thing.
  • 21:44 Average order value and lifetime value: why they’re important and what to look for if you want to scale.
  • 24:48 How to evaluate CPA across different channels and the other metric I recommend examining.
  • 27:30 It’s OK if your business doesn’t scale — and this is why.
  • 30:28 Growing your business by expanding your product line.
  • 34:20 A true entrepreneur falls in love with their customers, not their product.
  • 35:47 Great founders know when to ask for help.
  • 37:17 Why business founders need to become experts at their marketing channels before handing over the reins.
  • 41:23 How a CEO’s role shifts as the company grows.

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