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Many business owners tell me one of the reasons they started their own company is to have the freedom to travel.

However, as their business grows, travel becomes stressful and they feel like they have less freedom, not more.

Today we’re helping you get that freedom to travel back by sharing our strategies for stress-free and productive traveling. We both have a lot of experience traveling and working, and we want to give you our tips for enjoying yourself, and getting stuff done, while on the road.


Episode Highlights

  • 5:08 The travel mindset and setting expectations.
  • 6:59 The pace of business travel vs. ongoing travel.
  • 7:59 A key thing to do on travel days that will help reduce stress.
  • 10:47 In order to keep the freedom to travel as your team grows, you need to protect each other’s time.
  • 13:42 The travel kit to put together to help you be more productive.
  • 15:24 Andrew’s addition to his travel kit that’s been a game changer for staying calm on the road.
  • 16:02 Tips for making the most out of long flights and drives.
  • 19:05 Andrew’s road trip recipe for success.
  • 21:50 What to do right away when you land in a new city to get grounded and ready to be productive.
  • 25:20 Some travel apps/access hacks.

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