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Sometimes it takes a lot of failures before you make it big.

Today’s guest is no stranger to failure -- he once invested $250K in a company that never even launched.

But now, Josh Meyer is the CEO and co-founder of Brickell Men's Products, the fastest-growing company in Maine and the fastest-growing skincare company in the world.

Josh joins us to talk about the challenges Brickell faced with their rocketship growth, why he’d never raise money for a business again, and his love-hate relationship with Amazon.


Episode Highlights

  • 6:44 Introducing Josh and his path to becoming the CEO and co-founder of the fastest-growing company in Maine.
  • 9:45 How Josh runs a business based in Maine, while living in Florida.
  • 12:23 The moment Josh realized Brickell’s success was real.
  • 14:00 Lessons learned from a $250K business flop.
  • 17:32 Some of the challenges of being a fast-growing company.
  • 20:39 How Josh assesses Brickell’s success and growth potential, and why he doesn’t trust Google Analytics.
  • 24:56 As you spend more money on Facebook, you need to be critically examining the leads you acquire.
  • 27:58 Brickell’s approach to customer loyalty programs and how it’s shifted as they’ve grown.
  • 31:10 Why Brickell is willing to sell their soul to capture email addresses.
  • 33:27 How Josh’s approach to email has evolved as the business has grown.
  • 36:49 Why Josh thinks spending money on social media influencers is total BS.
  • 39:01 When it comes to rolling out new products, if you’re going to fail, fail quickly.
  • 41:14 Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer: how Amazon contributes to Brickell’s continued success.
  • 44:54 Resources that have helped Josh along the way.
  • 48:30 Now Hiring: Brickell is looking for a Marketing Director.
  • 51:18 Three things you can do right now to start growing your business even faster.

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