The Ecommerce Influence Podcast

We’re getting tactical today and bringing you 6 quick wins you can execute today to grow your business.

From Facebook, to email, to website optimization, these quick wins will help you generate sales and get results.


Episode Highlights

  • 4:25 Quick Win #1: 4-6% Lookalikes based off pixel value.
  • 5:47 Quick Win #2: Identify previous customers who are likely to spend again, but who are no longer on your email list, and hit them with remarketing.
  • 7:23 Quick Win #3: Integrate your Klaviyo audiences with Facebook.
  • 8:34 Quick Win #4: Turn great text reviews into video reviews.
  • 11:14 Quick Win #5: Use bid caps to ensure your Facebook ads are being shown.
  • 13:05 Quick Win #6: Get a fresh perspective on your website.

Links And Resources

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