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Beardbrand’s approach to content marketing has resulted in 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

On today’s episode, I am bringing back my good friend Eric Bandholz. I first met Eric in 2014 at an Ecommerce Fuel event and he was one of our early Ecommerce Influence podcast guests. Since then, he’s been continuing to build an incredible business called Beardbrand.

In this episode, we talk about being on Shark Tank, what it’s like being the face of your brand as a founder, content marketing that creates superfans and so much more.


Episode Highlights

  • 5:11 The stressful, year-long experience of being on Shark Tank
  • 12:23 The difference between having business partners and owning 100% of your business
  • 14:53 How Eric has created freedom in his life and business over the last 8 years
  • 19:44 The pros and cons of being the face of your brand
  • 22:27 How Beardbrand showcases different facets of their brand through multiple social media channels
  • 25:27 Beardbrand’s approach to dealing with online haters
  • 27:55 What Beardbrand focuses on to stay ahead of their competition
  • 29:48 An approach to content marketing that creates superfans
  • 31:57 The lesson COVID-19 has taught businesses
  • 34:49 What Eric wishes he had known when he first started his business
  • 35:27 The system Eric uses to hire top-notch employees 
  • 37:29 Key roles Eric plays in the business today
  • 39:16 Using agencies to grow your business and when to transition to in-house
  • 43:50 Beard Brand’s approach to paid advertising
  • 46:05 What Eric is curious about right now
  • 48:52 The hidden world of infertility and the journey Eric and his wife have been on

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