The Ecommerce Influence Podcast
Last year was a wild ride - and one of the hardest years for eCommerce ever. 

What do the opportunities and hurdles for eComm businesses look like this year?

Austin and Lily share what they’re excited about and where they suggest focusing your efforts right now. 

Episode Highlights:

  • 6:18 What Austin is most excited about in eComm right now 
  • 8:28 4 big opportunities for eComm this year 
  • 8:43 Influencers to create or grow a brand 
  • 12:01 TikTok will continue to expand reach 
  • 12:37 Privacy - getting ahead of others who refuse to admit it’s impacting them 
  • 14:00 Loyalty programs & better retention and LTV 
  • 14:54 Success with SMS flash sale 
  • 15:45 Hurdles eComm will face this year 
  • 20:11 Brands to look at for best practices in eComm right now 
  • 27:00 What Austin’s been listening to for inspiration 
  • 28:47 Book’s that Austin has recently enjoyed 
  • 31:23 Lily’s podcast recommendations 
  • 32:07 A good (and short) book to inspire you 
  • 33:28 Austin’s 2022 prediction 
  • 35:24 Lily’s 2022 prediction 


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