The Ecommerce Influence Podcast
With paid traffic costs continuing to go up PR is a great place to find long-term value in traffic and social proof. Learn how to get press for your eCommerce business. 

Nora Wolf is a PR expert and specializes in getting brands tons of press. She takes a modern approach to PR and uses a mix of media strategies including a unique take on influencers as press. 

She shares her tips and tools on how to get media for your eCommerce business. 

Episode Highlights:

  • 5:16 What’s exciting in PR right now: getting back to live events 
  • 7:25 Running PR with a small marketing budget 
  • 9:24 Earned media vs affiliate marketing
  • 11:13 How to know when your brand is ready for a PR strategy 
  • 12:21 Where to start when building a press list for PR
  • 14:46 Tools to keep track of your PR lists 
  • 16:44 Writing content that gets picked up
  • 19:49 The types of content that work well for PR
  • 23:29 Shifting to be a story brand over a discount brand 
  • 25:33 Applying design thinking principles to your business 
  • 30:34 Avoiding burnout and staying focused 
  • 34:07 Influencers as media contacts 
  • 39:41 Channels that work well for an influencers using a media strategy
  • 42:38 The biggest mistakes people make in influencer marketing
  • 44:42 Metrics & KPI to track for influencer marketing 
  • 47:00 Using PR as social proof 
  • 48:50 PR & influencer marketing without having to seed product 
  • 50:31 Why you need quality content and good creative 


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