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Sick of expensive acquisition costs? This is how to grow a brand with organic TikTok (read: no ad spend).

This episode features the founder of a hemp cigarette company. And guess what - he can’t advertise on Facebook or Google due to the nature of the product. So, he had to get super creative to figure out how to acquire customers and get in front of people. 

After several failed attempts he found massive success with organic TikTok. 

He did $500k in revenue in year 1 with no paid ad spend, and no employees while working full time at his agency. All because of their viral TikTok videos. 

This is also an interesting vantage point because the brand made its own videos (and he was the one making them). So it’s a little different than the other TikTok success stories with influencer marketing out there right now.  

Episode Highlights:

  • 7:33 How to launch a business when your ad account gets shut down 
  • 10:07 Marketing and positioning for a novel product 
  • 12:01 Do you start with product development or marketing? 
  • 13:50 How to identify areas you need to hire for 
  • 18:19 Content creation strategy: how to manage it internally 
  • 23:52 How to Grow a Brand With Organic TikTok
  • 24:45 Why SEO is important again 
  • 27:00 Easy and quick ways to track influencer performance 
  • 32:19 Incentivising word of mouth 
  • 35:04 Thinking long term customer journey 
  • 39:52 Opportunities for growth in eCommerce right now 


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