The Ecommerce Influence Podcast

When shit hit’s the fan… what do you do? 

Almost exactly 2 years past the first COVID lockdowns in the U.S. Austin and Lily team up to share what exactly has been going on and the impacts it’s had on eComm brands. 

Learn what’s out and no longer working, get some ideas for where you can focus your energy now and how to win in a post-Facebook world. 

Episode Highlights:

  • 0:45 What’s been happening in eComm since COVID hit 
  • 3:48 Demand for eComm products right now 
  • 7:06 Supply chain issues - what’s next? 
  • 10:13 The impact of shipping costs going up
  • 13:35 Facebook isn’t coming back - is it? (how to win in a post-Facebook world)
  • 15:19 How to recession-proof your business 
  • 17:49 What’s out and what’s in for eCommerce
  • 19:45 Wartime CEO: how to be one 
  • 20:48 Radical focus: how to get narrow and drive results 
  • 23:27 Opportunities with organic traffic 
  • 23:56 SEO quick tips 
  • 24:37 What’s the deal with TikTok 
  • 26:44 Referal and loyalty programs that people actually use 
  • 27:43 Why you should try direct mail 
  • 28:01 YouTube has consistently been getting better 
  • 28:39 Sell your story, not your product features 
  • 31:26 Get our help 


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