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Amy Africa is the CEO of EightByEight Marketing has been in the forefront of web usability studies, web design improvement, and successful e-commerce for over 15 years.

She is one of the best web marketers today because she combines incredible direct marketing skills with proven web techniques and some contrarian ecommerce strategies, getting her hired by 92% of fortune 500 companies.

Amy has been widely published in industry magazines and e-zines. She’s an engaging, entertaining speaker, and has been featured at web conferences around the globe. Her depth of knowledge, backed by intensive field-testing and web user studies, has earned her the reputation of "a voice to be heard" on Internet topics ranging from site improvement, traffic building and SEO to analytics and email marketing.

Amy has pioneered many successful web marketing initiatives in navigation, email marketing, shopping carts and abandoned carts that are making her clients much more profitable.

The best part? She chats with us while on her private plane from the east coast to California.

Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview:

  • Start focusing on adoption to cart NOT cart abandonment.
  • Why you need to stop focusing on selling only online, start incorporating the phone to help online sales. It’s all about finding the easiest ways to create the largest profit.
  • Sell where people want to be sold.
  • Understand why and begin to implement the mobile to desktop shopping cart transfer.
  • The importance of navigation.
  • Why you can't treat mobile and tablets as the same thing when analyzing your business and customers.
  • The "buy or die" abandon cart email strategy.
  • The biggest ecommerce problem to avoid in 2014.
  • Why conversion rate is an overrated metric and what metrics you should be focusing on.
  • The type of emails that are working best for Amy’s clients.
  • The 4 types of triggered email sequences to implement for the best results.
  • How to find the "rat stuck in your snake".
  • Using search on your site to help you sell more - "search is indicative of propensity to buy".
  • Be willing to "sell your soul to the devil" to capture emails.
  • Why you need to email more and ride out the "unsubscribe wave".
  • Work your navigation like crazy.
  • Creating a shopping cart that is user-based, not one-size fits all.
  • Focus on evolutionary, not revolutionary when it comes to your site.



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