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Every single day 40 Super Bowls happen on YouTube, yet only 1% of companies know the formula to success with TrueView ads. Video is the closest thing to having a face to face conversation with your potential buyer without being there, and this interaction is your ticket to free traffic, higher conversions, and increased value per conversion...oh, and to stealing customers from your competitors.

Jake Larsen’s passion for video-making lead him to TV Advertising in LA, where he worked behind the scenes with FOX Entertainment on TV shows like 24, American Idol and House.

It was here that he started to notice a massive change happening in video advertising.

People’s eyes and ears weren’t where they used to be, they were shifting from TV to Online Video.

Jake started Video Power Marketing, a video production / advertising agency that helps people capture attention, drive traffic and increase sales using YouTube Advertising.

He has played with millions of dollars of ad spend figuring out the formula that makes getting an ROI on your ad spend possible, and he's been able to create automated money-making machines where $1 of ad spend goes in, and $7 in sales come out.

With all of his success Google asked him to be a YouTube Marketing Ambassador, which is awarded to only 10 companies in the world.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • The 2 types of TrueView ads, their differences, and which one is best
  • How to steal leads from your top competitors
  • The formula for getting free leads using TrueView ads
  • Why ultra competitive niches are where companies find the most success
  • The one question you need to ask when building your first ad

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