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Having a business partner can be the best decision you ever make for your business, or it could be the worst if you don't know how to choose wisely.

We have now been formal business partners for over a year and recently we hit a rough patch in our relationship professionally and personally. 

But just like any great "real life" marriage that builds it's foundation on the principle of clear, constant, and honest communication we've been able to navigate rough waters and push forward to help our company grow.

With the experiences we've had in our partnership in recent weeks we decided it'd be a great time to open up our relationship, tell you why and how we chose to partner with each other, and how we've been able to make our "marriage" last this long and for, what we hope will be, many more years to come.

Use our experiences to find the right partner for you or improve the current one you have.

Key Takeaways

  • What business was like before and after partnering and why we believe finding a business partner is best for your business growth.
  • The 7 criteria you can use to help you choose the right business partner.
  • 4 must-know tips to maintaining your partnership for the long haul.
  • An on-air, non-scripted, authentic & honest assessment of each other in our partnership.

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