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It’s time to transition out of your small business mindset and begin to see your business as an organization, segmented by roles and filled by role-specific people.

Even though you’re just one person, you’re likely filling multiple roles in your business. Learn how to seperate them, how they all fit together and what to do once you figure it all out.

As we’ve been growing we’ve realized some conflict in tasks we were doing and how it impedes day to day workflow. By establishing roles and understanding who fills what role you can see what you need to be doing - and, more importantly, NOT doing.

By bringing definition to your business you’ll find the inefficiencies and create a better work environment for yourself and your employees.

This episode is really inspired by the book E-myth by Michael Gerber and we share some of the strategies that have been working best for us.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • How to identify the many hats you wear in your business and fitting them to the right role.
  • Specific tips you can take action on that we’ve been implementing.
  • The difference between fitting the role to the talent and fitting the talent to the role and which one is right.
  • How to create an organizational chart that supports your growth and achieves your vision.

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