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If there's any online company that completely embodies the idea of an authentic online brand, it's Ugmonk. Customer loyalty to the brand is second to none and something all ecommerce brands should seek to emulate.

Jeff Sheldon, founder & designer, has taken a small side project and turned it into one of the most successful, most authentic online brands we've ever encountered or worked with.

His story is truly one of the most remarkable authentic online brand building stories out there today, and he walks us through the steps he took to grow his business from basically nothing to an "online household name" where customers rarely leave.

He explains to us how he created a loyal community of customers that rarely leave him, the early mistakes he made and how you can avoid them, how he built his authentic online brand without advertising, and his plans to take his business to the next level.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • How to create the most authentic online brand
  • The early mistakes Ugmonk made and how you can avoid them
  • Their shift in email marketing and the results it has produced
  • How Jeff plans to grow Ugmonk moving forward & how you can use some of his ideas to move your business forward as well
  • The one thing Jeff suggests you must do from the very beginning

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