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How would it feel to go from working 14 hours per day 6 days a week to working 6 hours per day and not working Fridays? Working with a virtual staff can make that promised-land a reality.

If a self-proclaimed "micro-managing, pain in the butt boss" can do it, then so can you.

Virtual staffing is no longer considered a new concept thanks to Tim Ferriss's 2007 book "The Four-Hour Workweek", but knowing how to hire, train, and manage a fully functioning and efficient virtual staff seems like a new concept to many.

Lucky for us, Chris Ducker, the virtual staffing expert, joins the show to talk about working with a virtual staff, the type of mindset you need to build a virtual team, how to determine what your staff should be doing, how to take your business to the next level with virtual staffing, and much more.

Give it a listen and learn how you can go from 14 hour days to 6...and no Fridays.

Key Takeaways from the Show


  • How to execute the "Three Lists to Freedom" exercise
  • The one mindset shift you need to make to start working with a virtual staff successfully
  • How building a virtual team has changed and where it's heading
  • The next level beyond your virtual staffing foundation


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