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We can talk about & analyze business all we want on this show, but at the end of the day the force of life is the drive for fulfillment; so start something that matters.

This episode is a celebration of our 100th episode together and we thought it was a perfect time to discuss how we were able to find and start something that mattered deeply to us, and how you can, too.

In this episode we open up about our process for finding and starting something that matters, the insights we've gained since our beginnings two years ago, and how this episode signifies major changes in the business and some smaller changes to this podcast.

It's one of the more authentic episodes we've done and we think it'll be able to help you figure out how to start something that matters...or recalibrate what you're already doing to make it matter more.

Thanks for joining us on episode 100!

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • The two spiritual needs that humans need satisfied for lifelong fulfillment
  • How to find something that matters before actually starting it
  • How to actually start something that matters
  • Why "finding a need and filling it" is the wrong way to go when you want to start something that matters
  • Why the business you'll start won't be the business you have
  • What we've learned in the process and how you can apply it to your business
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