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106: Building a Business with Andrew Youderian

How do you go from being a product seller to a true business owner? Andrew Youderian has some insights to share from his own eight-year journey in the eCommerce world.


Andrew is the owner of eCommerce site and also runs, a private community for independent store owners.

Today we’re talking to Andrew about how to shift your mindset in order to grow a business and how to build a team you can count on, even in your absence.

He defines making the transition from product seller to business owner as being able to hire someone to do your job and still have a meaningful profit leftover. To that end, we discuss the following topics related to building out your company’s team.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • How to effectively teach your team to have a business owner’s mindset when it comes to values and customers service, and why it’s important to treat your employees the way you want customers to be treated.
  • Hiring the right team by looking for people who are interested in learning the business, as opposed to just earning a paycheck.
  • Determining which positions should be filled in-house and which ones can be outsourced, and how to make the most efficient use of VAs.
  • Figuring out which tasks the business owner should handle and for how long, and which jobs can be outsourced early on.
  • Determining the best method of communication with each of your contractors, whether it’s by phone, via email or through a project management program like Asana.

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