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Need help figuring out how to build your team and then lead that team? You’ll learn how to implement content marketing into your process of actively engineering opportunities for your customers to return to your website in this week’s episode.

Today, James Schramko of joins us as we’re breaking down highly effective traffic and conversion strategies to help you grow your ecommerce business from seven to eight figures and above.

James shares his experiences with recurring revenue and content marketing, so you can implement these concepts into your ecommerce business.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • Content marketing
  • Recurring Revenue – Netflix, amazon are all doing it.
  • How to increase frequency of opportunities for your consumers to buy.
  • Identify through your consumer base and analytics who is repeat purchasing.
  • Ways to actively engineer future sales.
  • Pay attention to where your website visitors are spending their time.
  • Provide further education to your existing customers
  • Importance of having a team and learning to let go of certain roles.

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