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It’s not always easy to maintain high-quality standards, especially when you want to sell organic, sustainable, and made-in-the-USA products.

Costs get high and sometimes that means concessions have to be made.

But sticking to your guns can lead to major payoff, especially when your customers have your back.

Today we chat with Jen and Kevin Long of Noble Carriage, who share the amazing story of how they built their dream company selling organic and sustainable baby clothes.

They share how they built and nurtured a supportive community, how this community helped them in the creation and launch of their own products, their challenging product sourcing journey, and how they’ve stood by their strict sustainability standards along the way.


Episode Highlights:

  • 3:23 A game changer quick win tip on A/B testing.
  • 8:35 How the search for safe and sustainable baby clothes led to the creation of Noble Carriage.
  • 10:26 How Noble Carriage engages with its online community of moms in a way that provides support and establishes trust.
  • 15:05 The importance of slowing down and examining your profit margins when evaluating your business and your ability to scale. 
  • 18:39 What Jen and Kevin would have done differently in the growth of their business and why it’s so important not to get stuck living in the grind.
  • 21:26 One of Kevin’s big lessons: If you’re going to fail, fail fast.
  • 23:04 The value of understanding their audience before creating and launching their own products.
  • 26:59 The challenging journey of sourcing organic and sustainable baby clothes.
  • 31:09 The role of Noble Carriage’s community in their successful product development and launch.
  • 33:08 How Noble Carriage marketed their new product across multiple channels. 
  • 35:03 What’s working with email for Noble Carriage.
  • 37:17 Jen’s plans for expanding their ambassador program.
  • 40:51 Some exciting new Noble Carriage products coming later this year to Noble Carriage that people must watch out for and when these will be released.

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