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Today we’re launching our first FLASH episode! These shorter, bite-sized episodes will have actionable tips and takeaways you can easily implement in your business that will start driving immediate results. We love interviewing experts in the ecommerce space, and will still share those interviews every other week, but also want to offer content that will give you some quick wins.

In today’s episode we talk about three common mistakes I see almost all of my clients making with their email marketing. You’ll learn: which setting must be turned off in your browse and abandoned cart campaigns to prevent you from missing out on $100s (if not $1000s) in sales, the importance of list segmentation and how to avoid ending up in the spam box, and why opt-in rate isn’t the best metric for measuring the success of your offers, and what you should measure instead.

Episode Highlights:

  • 4:45 The importance of making sure the Smart Sending Feature is properly set so you’re not leaving money on the table
  • 7:00 Why it is so important to be segmenting and sending emails to your engaged audiences
  • 8:30 How sending emails to those who are inactive on your email list can get you put in the spam box
  • 9:36 When it comes to measuring your email list, this is the metric you should be using
  • 10:12 Why it is so important to not just review the number of opt-ins you get, but how they opted in and when/how often they converted after that

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