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There has been quite a debate in the past few years when it comes the email opt in practices. In this episode we will cover the pros and cons of both the double and the single opt in as it pertains to ecommerce.

We will also comapre a few different email providers, explain why some email providers strongly encourage the double opt in, and we go over a case study that breaks down the numbers when choosing one opt in style over the other.

Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview

  • Overview of Double, Single, and Confirmed Opt Ins
  • Why email marketing providers encourage double opt in
  • Email provider comparisons
  • Pros and cons of both single opt in and double opt in
  • Statistical breakdown of advantages/disadvantages of double/single opt in
  • Differences between hard and soft bounces
  • What you option you should choose
  • Plus a lot more!

Links and Resources Mentioned

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