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Amazon can crush your business with better customer acquisition, faster shipping, cheaper shipping, easy returns, and many other things that you probably don't even know about.

In addition to having a solid brand, you have to be able to acquire customers and be able to take them through a bulletproof eCommerce sales funnel. Whoever is willing and able to spend the most money to acquire customers and successfully converts them, wins in their niche.

There are five steps in a bulletproof eCommerce sales funnel, and in this episode we’re going to be talking about the first two, and arguably the most important, steps that companies like McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Amazon use to crush their competition.

Why only the first two steps?

Well, because they’re the most important steps of a bulletproof eCommerce sales funnel, yet most ecommerce companies aren’t executing these two steps and they’re missing out on the ability to convert more customers cheaper and faster than everybody else, which means they’re also missing out on a ton of potential long-term revenue.


Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview

  • The Five Steps in a Bulletproof eCommerce Sales Funnel
  • Lead Magnet Definition, Importance of, and Highest Converting Examples
  • Definition, Importance, an Examples of the Most Underutilized (But Most Important) Step in a Bulletproof eCommerce Sales Funnel: The Tripwire
  • Why Your Losing Out On Boatloads of Revenue if You're Not Executing These Two Steps


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