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Today we're going to discuss how to build an online community for your ecommerce store, with special guest Andrew Youderian from eCommerceFuel.

Andrew has built an incredible community of ecommerce store owners that drives his business, and he discusses with us why it is necessary for the success of your online business and how you can do it, too.

We will walk through several examples of companies that are doing this well and take you through some specific action steps on how to build an online community for you ecommerce store starting today.

Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview

  • Examples of companies building great online communities around their business
  • The importance of personal touch, including personally emailing every new subscriber while you still can
  • Who creates the community and how do you manage that?
  • What can you learn from Red Bull about building a community
  • The basics of getting started with communities for your business (here's a hint, start small)
  • Why all good brands have an enemy
  • How to build an online community using live events


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