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In a mostly me-only world, Andrew Davis explains that creating partnerships with other brands is not only important, but necessary and extremely profitable for those who do it right.

Andrew got his start in the media business at a young age appearing in television commercials and voicing over radio spots for brands like Chevrolet, Six Flags, and McDonalds, and has also managed workshop production for Muppets From Space, Sesame Street, Bear in the Big Blue House and Elmo in Grouchland.

In 2001, Andrew co-founded Tippingpoint Labs and, for more than a decade, Andrew and his team changed the way content creators think, authentic talent is nurtured, and the way companies market their products.

He has marketed for tiny startups and Fortune 500 brands, and his novel combinations of old ideas that leverage new technology have been tapped by the Obama administration and Russian media moguls.

In 2012 Andrew released a best-selling book called “Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships”, which puts his common sense approach to work for you, uncovering why and how creating partnerships with other brands can dramatically boost your profits.

Today, he’s traveling the globe sharing his insight, experience, stories, and optimistic ideals through his wildly fascinating speaking engagements, guest lectures and workshops.  

Topics Discussed:

  • Tips for creating partnerships with other brands
  • Treat your content like a product
  • Who has your NEXT customer as their CURRENT customer?
  • Creating a content brand, don't create branded content
  • Don't hire a celebrity to endorse your product, create one.
  • Multiple case studies of very profitable brand partnerships

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