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Trying to hire the best growth consultant for your company can be an arduous task, but it doesn't have to be according to Graham Hunter.

Graham is Head Instructor of Growth at Tradecraft where they train smart people to succeed in traction roles at high-growth companies.

He’s been a marketing consultant at Intuit, among other brands, he’s started an agency, he’s worked at larger agencies, and he has been the first employee at a few ecommerce and software startups.

Graham has done a whole lot of consulting and he takes us through some interesting topics as we discuss the the most effective way to hire the best growth consultant for your ecommerce brand.

We like to think of Graham as our Silicon Valley correspondent, as he’s got his finger squarely on the pulse of what some of Silicon Valley's best companies are doing to grow their business.

Topics Discussed Throughout the Interview

  • Why the terms "Growth" and "Marketing" have been separated by Silicon Valley
  • Who should be your first hire and your second hire
  • The number one marketing mistake growing companies make
  • The qualities you need to look for when looking to hire the best growth consultant
  • How to identify a great growth consultant through the questions they ask

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