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For any online business owner that is hesitating to make their ecommrce email funnel a high priority, this $10,000 dollar per day email funnel case study with Tim Paige should light a fire.

Tim is host of the extremely popular online business podcast “ConversionCast, the only podcast that gets to the heart of the metrics”. He is also the conversion educator over at, a dynamic software company that creates simple and beautiful software and web apps that allow businesses to grow large and devoted audiences.

Not only has LeadPages helped hundreds of online businesses exponentially increase leads and sales, one case study boasting $98,993 in sales, but they also practice what they preach, going from 0 to 15,000 customers in 12 months and getting a 10% email opt-in rate on their blog, double the average, by using the strategies they teach.

Tim talks with many successful online business owners to provide data-backed conversion strategies on his own show, and today he’ll chat with us about how Leadpages gets a 10% opt-in rate on their blog, what it means to the growth of their business, and how you can apply what they've done to your ecommerce email funnel.

Topics Discussed Throughout the Interview

  • Leadpages' stages of growth through email and their opt-in rate history
  • Understanding "Content Upgrades", the little trick Leadpages uses to skyrocket their email opt-in rate
  • Breaking down the $10,000 per day ecommerce email funnel
  • The final answer to the lingering content marketing debate: "Does the ROI justify content marketing in ecommerce?"


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