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It's no secret. Financial intelligence in ecommerce is a prerequisite for success. The question, though, is are you a pro or an amateur? And how do you know? This is an episode for both the seasoned pro and the amateur.

Joe Knight, Founder and Senior Consultant with the Business Literacy Institute, is a highly regarded finance and business literacy keynote speaker and trainer.

He trains managers and leaders at Fortune 500 companies such as GE, Comcast-NBCUniversal, Boeing, CVS Caremark, American Express, and United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

Joe’s unique ability to combine content with energy and humor make his keynote addresses resounding successes with diverse audiences including the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Construction Industry Institute (CII); National Association of Broadcasters (NAB); The Association of General Contractors; and International Institute for Supply Management (ISM).

Joe is co-author of Financial Intelligence, a smart, no-nonsense business finance handbook for managers. The book has been heralded as “the Elements of Style” of finance by Financial Intelligence was featured in The 100 Best Business Books of All Time.

The Business Literacy Institute is dedicated to transforming all employees into business people. In today’s business environment, all employees must do more than just their job; they must actively contribute to the financial success of the company. That means everyone must understand how businesses measure success and how they themselves make an impact.  

Topics Discussed:

  • Why business business and finance pros focus on the balance sheet and amateurs focus on the income statement.
  • Why the best solution for a growing business is slowing down.
  • The differences between finance and accounting and why that matters to your company's future.
  • The dirty secret that financial professionals don't want you to know.
  • The 5 key ratios you need to check daily, weekly, and monthly to determine if your company is healthy, or if you need to jump ship.




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