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Have you ever wanted to take a just a week off from running your business? But you never take the time off because you're worried that you'll come back to a business ablaze with fires that stall your growth. Worry no more. Tim Francis is going to teach you how to develop systems that allow you to leave your business, sometimes completely detached, and come back to a company fully intact...and still growing strong.

Tim is an expert at developing systems that actually work.

In 2013, he began systemizing his main business, Tim Francis Marketing, and revenue grew by a staggering 50% in just 3 months, AND he cut his workload by about 20 – 25%...starting an incredible journey into mastering the art and science of building systems for businesses.

Realizing there was a huge need to help small business owners systemize their businesses, Tim decided to launch in Fall 2014 to help other business owners create systems in their business to help them make more money while doing less.

We’ll walk through how to get started and how to decide which tasks to start eliminating, delegating, and automating...and why Tim says “You need to completely give up your email inbox!“

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • How to develop systems that start eliminating, delegating, and automating your business.
  • How to hire the right assistant you can trust.
  • The process to hire and onboard new team members.
  • Common problems with system sheets and process documents.
  • Understanding SRT and SCRUM for small businesses.


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