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The most successful ecommerce business owners understand the characteristics of abundance & scarcity thinking, and they know how to only think in terms of abundance.

Our largest and best clients use abundance thinking to lead them to more success, joy and fulfillment, while the others with scarcity thinking tend to have more failure, fear and discontent.

We’re talking about this today because it’s something we’ve been purposefully focusing on to help us maintain excitement, energy and joy while we build our business.

Plus, research has recently shown us that a person’s success is directly related to his or her mindset.

We now know that much of your success hinges on whether you believe that “there is always more where that came from” or “there will never be enough”...and the variations of them, i.e. abilities can be developed vs. fixed.

We’re going to discuss the characteristics of each kind of thinking, what we see most often in our top ecommerce clients, and then how you can apply it to yourself as you build your ecommerce business.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • The difference between abundance thinking and scarcity thinking
  • How our largest and best clients use abundance thinking to lead them to more success, joy and fulfillment
  • The top 8 characteristics of abundance thinkers (and a bonus)

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