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Tommy Walker has written some of our favorite ecommerce content for some of our favorite sites over the past couple of years including ConversionXL and now Shopify Plus.

He has a wealth of knowledge about content marketing and shares with us his best strategies for establishing a system to generate a large amount of quality, effective content for ecommerce companies. He shares all in today's episode, take a listen.

Not every ecommerce company needs content marketing as a crucial part of their strategy. As Tommy puts it... I don't need an article about how to make my bed if I'm buying sheets online.

However, if part of your mission is to build a lifestyle brand surrounding your product then content needs to be a big focus for you as it builds community, loyal customers, and drives a lot of traffic when done right.

Tommy shares his personal 'code' (the one he's using for the Shopify blog he's now running) for successfully writing articles and hiring people able to create quality, effective content.

The key is to clearly define the audience you are addressing and what your brand stands for. With this in hand, you can hire great talent and give them the information they need to be able to write the content you expect in order to reflect your vision.

In this podcast we'll also cover an amazing workflow you can copy in order to manage content and writers just like Tommy does at Shopify. If you can run a system like this, you'll be able to consistently (and efficiently) knock out content that attracts great customers.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • Why content marketing might not be right for your ecommerce company.
  • How to hire writers for your content team.
  • What you need to know about creating great content.
  • Lifestyle brand vs Service oriented product.
  • How to manage content production and independent writers.

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