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Intro: If your Facebook and Instagram Ads have been struggling recently, you’re not alone. Performance across Facebook and IG has been down for a number of businesses over the last few months. Wallowing in despair can be therapeutic, but it won’t get you anywhere. When things are going poorly, how do you turn it around?

In this episode, Andrew will walk you through what many of his coaching clients have been paying him to do recently...which is to help them get back on track.

You’re going to learn steps you can take to turn your failing advertising campaigns around. He’ll discuss how to assess what’s working and what is not, share some tools and tactics to help understand delivery metrics, and talk about what is actually working now.  Enjoy!

Episode Highlights:

  • 6:28 The questions you should first ask when assessing your failing Facebook Campaigns.
  • 8:25 The metrics Facebook uses as core signals when serving your ads.
  • 9:29 The 4 metrics Andrew regularly reviews and the ideal benchmarks he’s looking for.
  • 11:15 Why your Facebook & Instagram campaign performance is likely getting held up in these two places.
  • 13:12 Why you should be using the Delivery Insights tool and what you should be looking for.
  • 17:52 Why relevance score is sometimes more important than if the ad is converting.
  • 20:15 The placements you should be using and how you can test allocating spend.
  • 22:20 From failing to scaling, here are the next steps to build your ads back up.

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