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One of the questions we love asking our guests is: how did you get where you are today?

It’s a question our listeners frequently ask Andrew and I too, and in today’s episode, Andrew is going to share his story.

Andrew has been working in digital advertising since before the inception of the Facebook News Feed in 2009 and he’s learned a lot along the way. He shares his first experience working in “new media,” tells the story of how Foxwell Digital was born, and talks about what success means to him.


Episode Highlights

  • 3:18 How Andrew got started in digital marketing
  • 6:04 A congressional campaign leads Andrew out East and into "New Media"
  • 8:11 Andrew's experience working in Congress during the invention of Facebook Ads
  • 12:45 When Andrew launched his first newsfeed advertisement
  • 14:29 When social proofing meant getting the most Likes
  • 15:46 The birth of Foxwell Digital
  • 18:15 How Andrew and Gracie went from teaching seniors how to use iPhones to getting their first official clients
  • 21:06 How Andrew and Austin connected
  • 22:34 When Andrew official joined the Ecommerce Influence Podcast
  • 26:39 How documenting and synthesizing makes you more creative and a better teacher
  • 28:34 The future of Foxwell Digital
  • 31:24 Why you don't have to make $100 Million to be successful

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