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What if you could make more money in a single day than your business previously made in its entire lifetime?

That's what happened for Mark Arruda last August, typically his company's slowest month.

Mark, owner and CEO of Constantly Varied Gear, joined us earlier this year to talk about how he uses Facebook Messenger in his business. Today, he's back, and in the eight months since we last had Mark on the show he's continued to ramp up his Messenger marketing and is seeing incredible results.

In this episode, Mark shares the Messenger strategy he used that fateful day in August, and the other tactics he's using to grow his list and drive sales.


Episode Highlights

  • 7:13 The Facebook Messenger tactic Mark's using to gain Messenger subscribers and how it connects with his on-site lead capture.
  • 9:56 When Mark got started with Messenger bots and how long it's taken him to build his current system.
  • 11:09 How allowing customers to vote on products via Messenger has been incredibly successful for Mark.
  • 14:39 A good thing to do if you're just starting out with Messenger.
  • 17:27 What is a Facebook Messenger sequence?
  • 22:04 How Mark maps out his Messenger marketing plan.
  • 23:48 The first thing you should do before getting started with Messenger marketing.
  • 26:08 The chatbot Mark is using to grow his list and stop potential customers from leaving his site. 
  • 28:45 Why Mark is shifting almost all of his prospecting efforts to Click-to-Messenger ads.
  • 31:22 Using Messenger across different business verticals.
  • 33:35 The best copy for Click-to-Messenger ads.
  • 36:18 The Messenger strategy that led Constantly Varied Gear to do more sales in a single day in August than during the entire lifetime of the company.
  • 39:25 The importance of reaching your customers through a variety of different platforms, and how Messenger can tie into all of them.

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