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If You’ve Been Listening To This Show For The Last Few Months, You’ve Heard Us Make Predictions About How To Approach Q4 Advertising.

Many of those predictions worked out well. Others, not as much. There were a TON of Facebook bugs this year that came out of nowhere and really fouled people up.

Now that we’re through the busiest part of the season, we’re bringing you an episode on BFCM advertising and what we learned.

Andrew brought in four top media buyers to give you a detailed Black Friday/Cyber Monday recap. You’ll learn how it went down, what they learned, so you can adjust and improve your strategies going into the new year.


Episode Highlights

  • 5:13 How value optimization helped one client get a 7X ROAS during Black Friday.
  • 6:55 The amped-up offer and focused traffic-driving strategy that worked for Ryan Kovach.
  • 8:34 Bid caps: how are they working for low spends vs. high spends.
  • 10:06 What exactly is a bid cap?
  • 11:27 The importance of putting in the work before Black Friday/Cyber Monday that led to 5X ROAS.
  • 12:44 The benefit of building your warm audiences in advance.
  • 14:10 Campaign Budget Optimization and how it worked well for a number of different clients.
  • 16:03 Testing campaign budget optimization and minimum ad set budgets.
  • 17:48: Campaign budget optimization and interest targeting.
  • 18:46 Should you split your placements across Instagram and Instagram stories?
  • 20:53 Interests vs. lookalikes – which performed better?
  • 22:53 How to identify what interests you should be going after with your ads.
  • 23:59 Guests share their worst Facebook bug experiences.

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