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Making the decision to outsource your paid social to an agency can be tough.

It’s a big decision to hand over the reigns of your social advertising to someone outside of your business, and one of the questions Andrew and I get a lot is, “when is the right time to hire an agency?”

Today we address that question, as well as the specific questions to ask when you’re vetting your agency (and the answers to look for), and what you can do as a client to ensure you have a great relationship with your new partner.

Episode Highlights:

  • 4:41 The first thing you need to do before you hire an agency.
  • 7:00 Andrew's calculation for determining whether or not it makes sense to hire an agency to manage your ads.
  • 12:24 If you don’t want to do the math, why you should at least be tracking your time.
  • 16:11 The first question to ask when vetting an agency: Do you manage my ads in my own ad account or in your business manager?
  • 18:29 Question #2: Who is in charge of creating the creative?
  • 21:48 Question #3: What are your best performing look-a-likes or audiences?
  • 22:38 Question #4: How do you normally approach mid-funnel targeting?
  • 24:29 Question #5: What previous experience do you have and can you show me results?
  • 25:46 Question #6: What are the expectations for performance?
  • 27:40 Why you have to be careful as a business owner with over promises from agencies.
  • 31:08 Question #7: What are your best clients doing and what do you expect us to do if we want to perform like your best clients?

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