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If you’re not yet familiar with Campaign Budget Optimization, now is the time.

Facebook recently rolled out this new ad feature and has plans for it to become a requirement for all advertisers later this year.

Today, Andrew goes in-depth with everything you need to know about Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO). We discuss what CBO is all about: the framework for setting it up, how to approach your bids, and other killer tips that will make sure you’re set up for success when you start testing it out.


Episode Highlights:

  • 3:57 The new feature for your Facebook Ad campaigns: Campaign Budget Optimization.
  • 5:15 What is CBO and how it's different from the traditional model.
  • 8:27 How to set up the ideal CBO campaign.
  • 10:57 Determining your audiences within the CBO.
  • 13:38 Strategies that are staying the same with CBO.
  • 14:36 Recommended bidding for CBO.
  • 15:37 How CBO works within prospecting and remarketing.
  • 17:35 Reasons why CBO scales well.
  • 19:39 What are minimum and maximum spends within CBO and how to manage them.
  • 22:22 Killer tips from Andrew to get the most out of CBO.

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