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Establishing trust among your customers can be challenging, especially in certain markets.

Kevin Chen is Vice President and co-founder of iRestore, a company that sells laser hair growth systems. Despite selling a product with a particularly skeptical audience, iRestore has grown to eight-figures over the last few years.

Kevin joins us today to share his story of success. He talks about how he establishes trust and builds social proof with his customers, how he became an expert in Facebook advertising and iRestore’s secret behind their success with video on Facebook.


Episode Highlights:

  • 4:51 How Kevin got started in the ecommerce space.
  • 7:24 “Does it really work?” How iRestore gained the trust of a skeptical audience.
  • 9:41 How iRestore keeps their customers engaged during their hair growth journey in order to cultivate social proof once they get results.
  • 11:19 iRestore’s journey from Amazon to Shopify, to Facebook, and when Kevin realized he had a business that worked.
  • 13:14 How hiring an agency helped Kevin became an expert at Facebook advertising.
  • 15:40 The contribution of iRestore's in-house customer service team in collecting user-generated content.
  • 18:19 How the changes to Facebook’s advertising platform have led Kevin to focus more on lead generation.
  • 20:25 Why you don’t have to be so focused on conversion objective as explained by Andrew.
  • 22:10 A conceptual example of why you don’t have to solely focus on conversion and ROAS.
  • 23:56 iRestore’s secret behind their winning Facebook video ads.
  • 27:41 How Kevin sees different paid channels working together to both drive and capture demand.
  • 30:00 The realization Kevin had while the business is growing that he's no longer doing right now
  • 32:26 Shiny Object Syndrome: how Kevin is learning to say no.
  • 34:25 Kevin's input in hiring: what he looks for when hiring and the importance of mindset.
  • 36:16 What Kevin is working on right now that he’s most excited about and his goal for iRestore this year.
  • 38:11 How Kevin is approaching new product development in terms of increasing LTV and AOV.
  • 40:08 How Kevin keeps himself motivated and healthy despite the demanding hours at work.

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