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Most of the time when our clients get big wins they can be traced back to the quality of their content.

Big wins come from winning content, and today Andrew and I are going to discuss how to create that winning content for Facebook and Instagram ads. We’ll share the specific features your content must have if you want to stand out, and our top tips for creating winning imagery, video, and copy.

These principles apply not only to Facebook and Instagram, but can be integrated across your entire marketing funnel to help you in all aspects of your business.


Episode Highlights:

  • 2:40 A tactic that helped one of Andrew’s clients see an 8X return during their spring launches
  • 5:14 What’s working now with Facebook and Instagram advertising and the winning features your contents must have
  • 6:30 The three fundamental things you must get across in your content: trust, previous customer experience, and quality
  • 10:04 How to turn a Facebook ad into its own landing page with all the fundamentals included
  • 12:02 When you’re creating imagery, ask yourself: How can I make this look real and represent what it actually looks like when someone’s using it?
  • 12:57 Why user-generated content can provide you with the best imagery, and a company that’s killing it with their UGC content
  • 14:49 Andrew's take on lifestyle imagery and making sure your product is at least 50% of any image
  • 17:21 What you should consider when it comes to creating  video content, and why you might not want to do it at all
  • 18:08 Types of video content that can work well
  • 21:29 If you have a product that needs an explanation, then video may be a necessity for your advertising.
  • 23:44 What makes good copy, including: ratings, your unique value propositions, a clear CTA, scarcity, and more
  • 28:58 Austin's tips for how to get started with writing your winning content

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