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When I’m working with my private coaching clients our conversations inevitably end up focusing on how to become a more effective executive.

In today's episode, Andrew and I share four rules to follow that will help you make better decisions as an executive and run your business, team, or agency more effectively.

These rules include tracking and understanding your time, focusing on doing more of the right things, setting and reviewing your goals often, and asking yourself what the business needs from you. We'll also share how we've implemented these rules in our own businesses and how they've made us more effective.


Episode Highlights:

  • 3:49 Rule #1: Respect and understand your time.
  • 5:04 How to efficiently track your time and what to do when once you understand where you’re spending it.
  • 6:56 How finding his “Zone of Genius” helped Andrew focus his time and better delegate tasks.
  • 9:02 Rule #2: Do more of less.
  • 11:12 The importance of setting aside uninterrupted time for high leverage projects.
  • 12:29 Rule #3: Set the right goals and review them often.
  • 14:14 The metrics you should be tracking to predict success (HINT: Revenue isn’t one of them).
  • 16:06 Rule #4: Ask yourself what you can do to help the business.

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